Friday, December 12, 2014

Kumpulan Kata Kata Mutiara Bijak

At the top of every race the highest drivers area unit awarded points supported their final ranking. groups earn points for every of the 2 cars they need entered within the race. At the top of the season the motive force and team with the foremost points area unit declared World Champions. All regarding Formula One athletics Event Weekends The Formula One athletics World Championship season is control annually from early spring through fall. Races area unit control kata kata mutiara at locations round the world however every race weekend follows a similar pattern. Each Formula One athletics event may be a equestrian sport prevailed a weekday, Sat and Sunday. The exception to the present is at the European nation car race. In Monte Carlo weekday practices area unit stirred to Th. every driver is allowed 2 practices on weekday and one on Sat. A team might use 3 drivers on weekday however solely 2 cars. Friday and Sat mornings area unit selected as observe times in Formula One athletics. The observe sessions area unit control before the beginning of qualifying sessions. Following the trial a qualifying session is control. The Formula One athletics qualifying sessions area unit accustomed verify beginning positions for the race. Multiple sessions area unit run employing a knockout system. every spherical eliminates the slowest six drivers. the primary six eliminated area unit the ultimate six within the beginning line-up. The six eliminated within the next spherical area unit the second kata mutiara to final six so on. On race day the cars enter the track for a tune-up formation lap. Drivers use this lap to put their automotive within the correct beginning line-up position. If a driver is delayed thanks to instrumentality problems he might begin the race from imaginary place re-entry lane however solely finally the opposite cars have passed. In Formula One athletics the race is started employing a lightweight grid put in regarding the start. The race itself is simply over a hundred ninety miles long. the quantity of laps needed for a race varies by venue supported the length of the track. A race might last for a most of 2 hours in Formula One athletics. the common race is typically solely regarding ninety minutes long. During the race drivers can come to imaginary place space for tire changes, re-fueling and instrumentality maintenance PRN. Spectators don't seem to be allowed within the pit areas. Work is quick and furious whereas cars area unit within the pits and safety may be a high priority. Spectators at Formula One athletics events can notice the race marshals human activity with drivers exploitation flags. Drivers recognize the which means of every flag. Some area unit accustomed indicate a security issue on the track, others warn a driver of unacceptable behavior. Most accepted is that the checkered flag that's waved once a race is completed. At the conclusion of a race the highest eight drivers and their groups receive points. In Formula One athletics the quantity of points received ranges from ten to one. the highest driver and his team every receive ten points, the quantity 2 driver and his team every receive eight points. as kata kata mutiara a result of every Formula One athletics team is able is in an exceedingly position is ready to enter 2 cars in a race, a team might earn points from 2 winning drivers. the high the highest purpose earning driver and also the top purpose earning team area unit recognized at World Champions at the top of the Formula One athletics season.

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